Robotic welding systems

Robotic welding systems Robotic welding systems

The company has experience of designing and manufacturing of robotic welding centers on the basis of Fanuc, Kawasaki, Motoman robots.


We perform a full range of works on implementing of a robotic welding center:

1. Analysis of the product design as for the robotization possibility;

2. Development of a robotics center arrangement;

3. Development and manufacture of secondary equipment: clamping devices, positioners, rotators, gantries;

4. Development of techniques and welding modes;

5. Selecting of welding equipment and tracking systems;

6. Development of ventilation systems within robotics centers;

7. Integration into positioning, tracking and welding equipment systems complex.

8. Training;

9. Service maintenance.

Examples of the completed projects:


7.jpg Роботизированный комплекс для сварки задних бортов полуприцепов