Production line for logitudinal welding of hatch gondola car center sill

Production line for logitudinal welding of hatch gondola car center sill Production line for logitudinal welding of hatch gondola car center sill

The system allows to perform welding of workpieces in "normal" position as well as in "reverse" position ensuring reverse deflection during welding in order to prevent welding deformations.

Robots application allows to perform fast and flexible changeover to different items. In this case the robot is programmed for welding start and ending, overcoming of obstacles during the process of welding when the item has inner population of reinforcement elements.

One of the equipment peculiarities is the ability to weld on v-shaped gap from 0 to 12 mm by means of META laser welding seam tracking system (UK). The tracking system traces the size of the gap in the butt joint and transfers data to the robot controller.

After analyzing the received information the robot controller gives a command to the power sources and feeding mechanizms to change parameters of welding without interruption of welding process.

Flux recirculation system allows to feed the flux to the welding zone and to collect unused flux and slag crust after welding without operator in automatic mode.



1. Overall dimensions of the detail, mm 12960х610х500
2. Welding stand
Center sill longitudinal positioning unit folding catches
Center sill transversal positioning unit pneumatic
Center sill deflection unit pneumatic
Deflection total force, kgf 24000
Deflection, mm 100
Center sill vertical catch unit pneumatic
Support drive system pneumatic
Support type adjustable
Support turning angle, degrees 90
3. Transportation system:
Platform motion drive electromechanical
Number of platforms, pcs. 2
Drive power, kWt 1
Cruising speed, m/h 450
Welding speed, m/h 20 … 120
Welding speed control type frequency
Seam type butt seam
Welding type Robotic, flux welding
Robot Fanuc M-710iC/50
Number of robots, pcs. 2
Seam tracking system laser, SmartLazerPilot
Welding source type Power Wave ACDS 1000SD
4. Installed capacity, kWt 3
5. Working air pressure, mPa 0,7 … 0,8
6. Air consumption, m3/h 20
7. Overall dimenstions, mm 40040х5020х1900
8. Weight, kg 23000


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