Manufacturing capabilities

Machining department

  • Machining department
    Machining department

Machining department performs the whole range of machining works

The department is fitted up with an up-to-date multipurpose equipment, machining centers, СNС equipment.

1. Machining of flat and shaped surfaces of large parts on planomilling machine with СNС mod. XHL-6500, "PENTAMAC", Italy.

Maximum dimensions of machining x/y/z - 6500/540/520mm.

2. Milling machining of the parts on a milling machine with СNС mod. XR – 760, "PENTAMAC", Italy.

Maximum dimensions of machining 760/400/400 mm.

3. Turning operations on lathes with СNС "PENTAMAC", mod. HV – 2000 and QT – 1500, as well as on multipurpose lathes mod. 16К20 and 1К62, ДИП – 300 with dimensions of the machined part up to 420 х 1500 mm. The installed lathe is made by "MG", Italy. The dimensions of the machined item on this lathe are Ø1400 х 1500mm.

4. Manufacturing of keyways, slits and grooves on shaped and flat surfaces on slotting machine mod. 7А420. Maximum cutter stroke is 200mm.

5. Cutting of horizontal and worm wheels on gear-hobbing machine mod. 5К32А. Main technical specification of the machine:

- maximum module of the cut wheel – 8 mm

- maximum diameter of the cut wheel – 500 mm.

- maximum length of the cut horizontal wheels – 300 mm.

- maximum diameter of the cut worm wheels – 500 mm.

6. Operations on peripheral grinding on a surface-grinding machine mod. 3Б72. The biggest sizes of the mounted items LxWxH 1000х360х400 mm.

Blank preparation department

1. Cleaning of profiled and sheet metal roll is performed on a shot blasting machine. The width of the machined item is 1500mm, height – 400mm. Cleaning efficiency after processing is in accordance with Sa 2 ½.

2. Plasma cutting of 100mm thick blanks on plasma cutting machine HP 260A ECONOXY.

3. Oxy-fuel cutting of blanks up to 200mm thick on oxy-fuel cutting machine CNC OXYFUEL CUTTING.

4. Punching and blanking of items out of sheet metal roll on punching machine with СNС HACO mod. OMATIC 130.

5. Cold bending of sheet metal roll on bending machine mod. WEHK-110-4100 “YAWEI”. The press is fitted-up with a digital controller.

6. Guillotine shears made by «NOVASTILMEC», Italy, mod. С-304.

7. Guillotine shears made by «ATLANTIC», Germany, mod. XTSL – 3000.

Assembly-welding department

Assembly-welding production is fully fitted up with an up-to-date equipment made by Fronius.

Main workers of the assembly-welding department are highly qualified metalworkers and welders.

Welding specialists completed training in Paton Electric Welding Institute, and at present the company is undergoing certification on the welding quality requirements in accordance with ISO 3834.

1. All the metal and assembly works are performed on mounting plates.

Max. length of the assembled metalware is 24 m and width – 4 m. accuracy of the form and position of the assemblies obtained depending on requirements and dimensions – 1-2mm.

2. When machining subassemblies the accuracy of the obtained surfaces, flatness, rectangularity, depending on overall dimensions of the items - 0,05 – 0,1mm.

3. MIG-MAG welding on Fronius TPS5000 devices.

4. Welding laboratory.

5. Heat treatment of the parts is performed in heating furnace mod. СНО- 6.12.5/12,5. Max. heating temperature is 1000° С

Storage facility

Automated storage system for section material

Storing of parts and metal roll is performed in separate automated storage systems.

Implementation of automated storage systems allowed to considerably reduce storage areas, facilitated control over the stock resources, increase production standards.

Painting department


Painting of ready-made products is performed with up-to-date paints and varnishes.

Maximum overall dimensions of the painted items are 12000x2500x3000 mm. New methods of ready products packing with a shrink wrap and up-to-date of ready products conservation.