Implemented projects.

Production base of the company allows for manufacturing of products for advanced processes and modern technological equipment with the necessary quality control tests to produce products in full, as provided by national and international standards and special customer requirements.

Automotive industry

"Uzavtotrailer" LLC is a joint enterprise of MAN and Uzavtosanoat JSC in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Within the Contract with Uzavtosanoat JSC (Uzbekistan) RPE "Techvagonmash" LLC implements the production project on suspended and towed vehicles for auto tracks.

Passenger railroad car manufacture

Tver Railroad Car Building Works, Tver City, Russia.

Production technical re-equipping program has been held at the plant since 2003. Its aim is to productionize passenger railroad cars of a new cars model range.

RPE “Techvagonmash” takes an active part in this program and is one of the main suppliers of special process equipment.

Traction rolling stock manufacturers

Bryansk Engineering Plant

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) is the largest enterprise in the railway transport engineering market of Russia. BMZ develops and manufactures main-line and shunting diesel locomotives, freight rail cars of various types and modifications, marine diesels and other products.

Electric locomotive building plant, Astana city, Kazakhstan.

“Remlokomotiv”, a subsidiary company of “Kazakhstan temir zholy”, as well as a French Company “Alstom” and a Russian Corporation “Transmashholding” established “Electric locomotive building plant” LLP. 

Novocherkassk electric locomotive plant

Novocherkassk electric locomotive plant (NEVZ) is the largest Russian manufacturer of mainline and industrial electric locomotives. 

Metallurgical industry


The project on manufacturing of railroad wheels painting line was implemented for Interpipe company. 

Freight car building

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant

Tikhvin car-building plant has one of most advanced productions in railroad cars building. More than ten rotators have been supplied over the cooperation period. The center sill production area has been equipped with our machines as well.

LLP “Kazakhstan Railroad Car Building Company” Kazakhstan

Since 2009 Techvagonmash has been one of the main designers and suppliers of the whole set of process equipment for the freight cars manufacturing.