About us

Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC is a leader in railway transport manufacturing process.

We are focused on development and production of special-purpose process equipment, automatic welding equipment, utility vehicles, paint booths, shot blasting and shot peening equipment.

RPE "Techvagonmash" LLC was established in 1954 and since then has taken part in design and equipping of over 30 wagon works and traction equipment factories.

Our long experience helped us in deep understanding of manufacturing process in transport machine building. We offer up-to-date high-technology solutions, customized according to products specification and work environment.

Our basic principles in wagon-building production are flexible technologies, rapid changeover of equipment from one wagon model to another, minimal human factor, rational use of production space.

Our competitive advantages include a full range of services from design stage to supervised installation and commissioning stage, including special-purpose process equipment manufacturing. 

The main areas of the company's activity are:

· comprehensive design and equipping of transport machine building enterprises;

· design and manufacturing of special process equipment for railroad cars manufacture;

· process equipment for railroad cars repair;

· equipment for the production of commercial vehicles;

· storage systems;

· robot-operated welding units;

· shotblasting equipment;

· spray-and-drying cabinets;

· filter-ventilating equipment;

· equipment for construction and repair of oil pipelines, gas pipelines.