Automated drilling centers

Automated drilling systems are designed for efficient machining of items without preliminary marking and using of jigs.

Operations performed: drilling, reaming, core drilling, tapping.  

Drilling centers are designed and manufactured in accordance with a customer’s requirements, his product range and production conditions. Questionnaire for equipment order 

Examples of the completed projects:

· Automated drilling center for freight cars center sills

· Drilling and riveting stand for gondolar car underframe

· Line for center sill I-beam and bottom chord manufacturing

· Automated line for center sill drilling

· Welding and drilling stand for tram sections coupling frames

Description of the center components


sverl_komleks_golovka_cvet.jpg portal_sverlovka_cvet.jpg

Drilling unit Suhner (Switzerland) is reinforced and has increased capacity. It provides high efficiency in items machining. The motor has forced fan cooling. The fan operates independently of equipment operation mode.

Drilling gantry is equipped with drilling heads, replaceable tools storage, mobile control panel, probe for accurate positioning relative to the item processed, air system and coolant supply system. Gantry travel is carried out with the help of high-precision servo drives.
sverlovka_stol_cvet.jpg sbor_sog.jpg

Clamping table provides secure fixation of the item processed. Clamping of the item is performed automatically using pneumatic cylinder. The table structure provides resistance to static and dynamic load and is shock-resistant  

A plant for supply and collection of coolant is a set of equipment providing coolant supply to the drilling point, its subsequent removal to the tank, as well filtration of the coolant for its subsequent use.  


magazin_instrumenta_cvet.jpg Control-Panel.jpg

Replaceable tools storage provides automatic programmed cutting tool change. In this case the time for realignment of the equipment when processing compound items is reduced considerably.  

Control system of the drilling center on the basis of control panel SINUMERIK 802D.