• Shot blasting equipment: purpose, types, characteristics

    This article provides a brief description of the types and characteristics of shot blasting equipment.

  • Headstock and tailstock positioners: benefits for welding applications

    In the production of welded steel structures, it is important to ensure that the welding seam is conveniently positioned for the welder. For welding frame structures, Techvagonmash offers to use headstock and tailstock positioners. Read about the main advantages of using positioners for welding in this article.

  • Elevated access platforms

    Techvagonmash performed the supply of elevated access platforms for Bryansk Machine Building Plant. Elevated access platforms will be used when making new freight mainline locomotives. 

  • Preservation Line

    High quality of surface preparation and interoperation metal-roll protection are the top priorities for protective coating longest service life and quality. This preparation can be made by shot blasting with further metal-roll coating with electrically conductive protective primer at the stage of release for manufacture. After metal structure assembly the product needs degreasing and weld seams protection. This effectively reduces product preparation time before final painting.

  • Automated storage systems

    Automated storage systems for metal roll is an up-to-date solution for keeping of a wide range of metal roll products, their control and identification.