Passenger cars blasting line

Passenger cars blasting line
The line has been designed for passenger cars surface cleaning to SA2½ rate according to ISO 8501-2.
The shot blasting is made in two ways: automatic shot blasting of the exterior followed with shot peening of blind spots (small areas on front walls), interior and bottom part.

1. Masking chamber 6. Exit chamber
2. Entrance chamber 7. Final cleaning chamber
3. Shot blast cabinet 8. Air treatment system for masking chamber
4. Shot recirculation system 9. Air treatment system for shot peening cabinet
5. Exit chamber 10. Air treatment system for shot blast cabinet

Operation principle

he coach is supplied to the masking chamber for protective screens installation and coach body transfer to the shop trucks. The transfer is made by roller-type jacks. Protective screens are installed using the elevating platforms (located on coach perimeter).

Then coach is transferred to the blast room by pull winch. Blasting is made in the process of coach motion at the speed of 0,5…1,2 m/min. The blast room is equipped with entrance vestibule with protective curtains and exit vestibule with brushes and blowing units.

After shot blasting in the chamber (80% of the exterior) the car is supplied to the shot peening area, where the exterior and interior shot peening is made. The media collecting (during the interior cleaning) is made by vacuum media collecting system. The used media falls through the grating floor to the chain  conveyors, which gather it to the center of the chamber, where cross conveyors area is located. Then media goes to the standard media cleaning system and to the shot peening machines.

The shot peening chamber operators  are equipped with full set of personal protective clothes and breathing air supply systems. Depending on season the climate system has two breathing air preparation modes, which means heating or cooling. The chamber operating space is equipped with lifting operator’s platforms where needed to facilitate the metal structures cleaning in height.  The chamber is equipped with lighting and ventilation system