Pipe shot blasting machine

Pipe shot blasting machine Pipe shot blasting machine

The shot blasting chamber cleans pipes removing scale, dirt and rust. The chamber with protection has a closed metal construction covered inside with rubber sheets to absorb cinematic shot energy. The pipes are directed in translation and rotation motions, one after another, by a transport device into the shot blasting chamber where they are cleaned.
Shotblasters build-up a high-velocity directional metal shot stream. The shotblaster construction allows to form and regulate the directional

stream. The regeneration of used shots takes place continuously in closed cycles charging shots by a screw conveyor an elevator into the separator, shot eliminator and then into the hopper.

By request of the Customer we can deliver roller conveyors, stowers, removers and air cleansing systems.




Ø of pipes to be cleaned, mm 57-325 57-630 630-1420
Min length of pipes, mm 7000
Linear velocity of pipe treatment, m/min 0-8 0-4
Microasperity height of treated surfaceсу, µm 40-80
Adjusted power, kW 22 50 57
Weight of equipment, kg 5,4 14 18
Length, mm 3400 5400 6200
Width, mm 3700 5100 5400
Height over the bottom, mm 4500 5850 6500
Pit depth, mm -- -- --  

  The equipment can be delivered in the pipe insulation line with extruded polyethylene coating or separately