Suhner Components

Suhner Components Suhner Components
Our company is an exclusive representative of a Swiss machine building products manufacturer, Suhner, in Ukraine and Republic of Belarus. Suhner company has more than ninety years’ history and is famous for the highest quality of its products and is represented in many industrially developed and developing countries.
Suhner company manufactures the following equipment:
- Multipurpose spindle units with feeding mechanism or without it, on the basis of which we can manufacture various-purpose metalworking equipment of various configuration, for example, drilling and milling centres, modular-type machines, thread-cutting and thread-rolling machines, special-purpose facilities, etc.;
- Equipment for abrasive machining;
- Flexible shafts and equipment on their basis;
- Equipment for machining of tubes ends and bars, equipment for forming of bushings in a thin steel sheet (Flowdrill) and many others.
Full catalogue of Suhner equipment (Swizerland) can be downloaded after following the link link