Implemented projects.

LLP “Kazakhstan Railroad Car Building Company” Kazakhstan

Since 2009 RPE “Techvagonmash ” has been one of the main designers and suppliers of the whole set of process equipment for the freight cars manufacturing.

A detail design of the plant technological department was developed.

The following works were performed within the project:

• Process diagram of the company main building was developed;
• Architecture tasks and general layout were developed and issued to the General Designer;
• Technological processes of gondola cars and flat cars manufacturing were developed. Production technical re-equipping program has been held at the plant since 2003. Its aim is to productionize passenger railroad cars of a new cars model range.

Currently more than 50 units of special technological equipment have been designed and supplied, including:

• Rotators for welding of car underframes and body;
• Cars underframes assembly stands;
• Center sill assembly and automatic welding stands;
• Beams assembly and welding stands;
• Spray and drying cabinets;
• and so on...