Elevated access platforms

Elevated access platforms

Techvagonmash performed the supply of elevated access platforms for Bryansk Machine Building Plant. Elevated access platforms will be used when making new freight mainline locomotives. By purchasing elevating access platforms the customer took care of the industrial safety in the first place as well as of machine-builders labour efficiency.

Elevated access platforms

Traditionally when performing works on car bodies, elevated access platforms are used at the plants.but they have a number of drawbacks: they do not allow to move the operators at the required height causing troubles for the production process, do not meet the requirements of the industrial safety, are not easy-to-use. Elevated access platforms by “Techvagonmash” solve all these problems, besides they open a number of additional advantages before the rail car builders.

Due to the possibility to set the required lifting height for the platforms the workers can serve the cars of different height. Besides the platforms can move forward which allows to work with bodies of different width. The platforms capable to move upward and forward are also provided for the front walls.

The platforms are also equipped with special devices for exit to the body roof. All this makes the process of modification and finishing more comfortable.

The platforms for side walls maintaining consist of two sections which do not depend on each other. That is why several teams can work on the body finishing at the same time. Load capacity of the elevated access platforms (up to 2t) allows the teams to place welding units and other auxiliary equipment on the platforms. The platforms are equipped with electrical and pneumatic sockets for connecting of the required tools. Lighting in the area of finishing and outer treatment of the railroad car body is provided with the lamps on the platform and under it, with the power of not less than 600 lux. 

Elevated access platfoms

One of the main advantages of the elevated platforms is a high level of labour safety. Moving of the platforms, lifting and lowering of the ladders are accompanied with a sound and light alarm. When the platform is up, signaling lamps are switched on. The platforms are equipped with emergency stop buttons on the columns and on the platforms as well. The worker can also stop the movement of the platforms when being on the ground. For this purpose it is enough to touch the cable - after that the cable sensor will be actuated.

Elevated access platforms control scheme indicates a high safety level. The platforms can be actuated from the control cabinet or by means of two radio pendants. If one pendant is on. The other one is off. Such a solution protects the workers from unauthorized lift and lowering of the platforms.

Operation experience for the time being showed that use of the elevated platforms in production considerably facilitates the labour process, ensures maximum safety of the personnel. Not the least of the factors is that the platforms increase production flexibility and, in its turn, it positively influences economical indices of the whole company. 

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