Turnkey projects

Huge experience, engineering and production capabilities allow us to implement turnkey projects in the following areas:

Our competitive advantage is that the company renders a full package of services: from designing stage to supervised installation and commissioning stage including manufacturing of special process equipment.


1. Pre-design works 

Pre-design works allow to assess the feasibility of the project in certain conditions, evaluate the cost and the terms of the work performance, and discover the problems which may occur in the process of project implementation.

2. Process engineering part of the design

When developing the process design, the issues of main equipment choice are determined as well as process engineering, labor intensity calculation, flow process chart, functional and organizational structures development. 

3. Equipment design

All the developments and designing of the output products are carried in automated way using up-to-date CAD-systems.  

4. Process equipment manufacturing

The company has its own production facilities which allows manufacturing high-quality, high-tech equipment. 

5. Supervised installation and commissioning

- installation and commissioning;
- designer supervision;
- training of the Customer's specialists;
- adjusting of engineering processes and output of a product trial lot.

6. Personnel training

Customer's personnel are trained to operate the equipment, carry out its setting, diagnostics and servicing. 

7. Proving out of technology

Techvagonmash in cooperation with the Customer carries out the technology proving out and trial consignment production

8. Servicing

We provide the full range of aftersales services, immediate delivery of spare parts, and remote diagnostics of equipment (through data set).