Transport systems for pipes transfer

Techvagonmash offers different transport systems for transfer of different diameter pipes:

  • roller conveyor;
  • pickup devices, stackers;
  • pockets;
  • mechanized racks;
  • rotation mechanisms 

Transport mechanization control system and process control visualization.

To control the line, a controller based on the Siemens Simatic panel programmable controller is used. The input / output modules for controlling the equipment are based on the distributed peripheral Simatic ET200SP by Siemens.
Visualization of process control is carried out from the touch panel of the main control panel as well as from the touch panels of portable setting control panels.
The main control panel displays general information about the operation of the line, there are buttons for controlling the process, windows for units setting.
Portable panels display information about individual mechanisms. Portable panels are in close proximity to the units and mechanisms to which they relate. there are buttons for manual and settings control on portable panels, and fields for displaying states and positions.
The progress of the manufacturing process is controlled by means of video cameras, the image from which can be stored in the video recording system.