Plant for riveting

Plant for riveting

The plant ensures a complex of manufacturing operations of riveting.

Supply package

  • Hydroelectric power station

  • Riveting staple

  • Heating unit of rivets

  • Balanced suspension

  • Rotating console

The hydroelectric power station provides the oil pressure. The riveting process includes a pump, a control unit and a tank (housing). The heating unit of rivets heats rivets and has a metal framework with lining with refractory bricks. The work area has 11 silicon-carbide heaters on 2 busses which supplies electric power. 

The riveting staple is a working unit in riveting process. The staple housing includes a hydraulic actuator and squeezing elements and is a force part of the staple. The hydraulic actuator increases the riveting force and ensures the vertical stroke of squeezing elements, which form rivet heads in the joints. 

The staple is connected to the hydroelectric power station by high pressure hoses.

The balanced suspension ensures the staple maneuverability with minimal force vertically.

The rotating console ensures the staple maneuverability aflat.