Blast rooms

Blast rooms

Blast rooms
The blast rooms is designed for cleaning of welded metalware with shot. The supply of metalware to the chamber is performed by the carriage. The actuation of the carriage is carried out be means of a cable hoist through the blocks system.  

1. Chamber frame
2. Shot circulation system
3. Shot blasting machine

4. Lighting system
5. Air cleaning system
6. Lifting platforms

Components description  

Chamber frame

The frame of the chamber consists of sandwich panels mounted on load-bearing metalware. Inner walls and a ceiling are lined with a rubber blanket 1.0x3.0 and 1.0x2.0 preventing walls and abrasive material wear. The chamber is equipped with one swing entrance gate. The drive of the gate opening is pneumatic type. Control over the gate closing is performed by means of limit switches mounted on pneumatic actuators. The operators can enter the chamber through the door in the lateral side. Closing of the door is performed by means of a limit switch.

Shot circulation system

Shot circulation system is designed for collection of shot thrown out by the shot blasting unit, its separation and feed to the shotblasting unit.

The shot circulation system consists of:

- scraper conveyors;

- elevator;

- separator

Overalls for the operator

Operators are equipped with a full set of individual protective overalls and a system of preparation and supply of the air for breathing. Depending on the season the climatic system has two modes of air preparation for operator’s breathing – heating and cooling.

One set includes:

- air cleaning filter for breathing;

- protective overalls;

- safety helmet;

  - cuffed gloves.

Air cleaning system

Ventilation system consists of filter plant, radial fan, air ducts, service platform and provides removal of dusty air out of the work chamber, its cleaning and emission to the atmosphere. Shaking of the cartridges from the dust is performed through the feed of a short pulse of compressed air to the cartridge. In addition to this the dust accumulated on the cartridge falls to the dust collection hopper, and the process of air filtration does not stop.  

Dimensions of the chambers workspace is determined depending on the overall dimensions of the processed items.


Lifting platforms  

Lateral lifting platforms are intended for upward lifting of workers when performing shotblasting operations, creating safe and comfortable working conditions.

The platforms have two control panels. One panel is on the platforms, and the other one is mounted on the column. The platforms have electromechanical drive. Drive mechanisms are located outside the chamber.     

Video monitoring system  
For the purpose of monitoring of condition of the workers being in the chamber, it is possible to equip the chamber with a video monitoring system. 


Chamber for shot blasting of wagon underframes

Other equipment

Preservation Line                                                  

Дробеметная установка для очистки полос

Rotary table shot blast machines 

Дробеметная установка для очистки балок         

Overhead rail conveyor shot blasting machine                                                         


Shot blaster machines for blast cleaning of welded metalwares


Pipe shot blasting machine                                                                                                       
Pipe Insulation Line with Extruded Polyethylene Coating