Shot blasting chamber for blast cleaning of welded metalwares

Shot blasting chamber for blast cleaning of welded metalwares Shot blasting chamber for blast cleaning of welded metalwares

The chamber is designed for shot blasting of welded metalware (up to the 2nd purification degree acc. to GOST 9.402-80 PSA2½ ISO 8501-2 in stationary conditions).

The feed of metalware through the shot-blasting chamber can be carried out down a roller table or on a carriage (the carriage consists of two interconnected sections). Location of the shot-blasters allows ensuring the cleaning of complex metal structures from all sides. This also ensures the cleaning of the end surfaces, stiffeners, welds.


  • Shot blasting from scale, rust of non-standard large metalware;

  • Shot-blasting plant is perfectly suitable for cleaning of construction metalware: I-beams, bridge beams, etc.

  • A perfect solution for surface preparation before painting.

Operation principle

The workpieces are loaded onto a carriage (or roller table)with the help of a workshop crane and fed through a shot-blasting chamber.

The drives of the shot-blasting machines are turned on and the metal structures are cleaned with shot.

Location of the shot-blasting machines (two zones) allows for complete cleaning of the items (including end surfaces, stiffeners, welds).

Each zone consists of shotblasters located on the upper and lower parts of the shot-blasting chamber, as well as on the side walls. The shot-blasting machine of the primary zone is installed transversely and with an inclination towards the flow of the item. The shot-blasting machine of the second zone is similar to the first one, but with an inclination in the opposite direction. This creates a stream of shot allowing to cover the entire surface of the metal structure. 




Dimensions of work-pieces to be cleaned, mm

Length, mm

min 6000

Width, mm


Height, mm


Move speed of work-pieces, m/min


Microasperity height of treated surfaceсу, µm


Quantity of shot-blasters


Adjusted power, kW


Air suction volume, m³/h


Chamber dimensions, mm:

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height above the bottom, mm


Pit depth, mm


Weight of chamber, Tonnes