Automated storage systems for components

Automated storage systems for components Automated storage systems for components

Automated storage system is intended for component parts receipt, storage and delivery at central factory storage with computer recording of parts transfer within the storage. The received components are located in special cassettes with the following storage in cells. Parts located in cassettes can be stored in boxes or in cassettes directly.

Boxes and component parts dimensions shall not exceed the cassette dimensions and height of 500mm.

The loading dimensions and components weight are controlled by sensors with automatic blocking of storage manipulator in case if permissible values are exceeded.

Permissible cassette loading weight – 500 kg.

Operator controls the storage operation from the computer connected to the storage system. The stored products account is shown in general information base of central factory storage. The storage works automatically. There is a manual control mode for set-up.



Number of rack rows

2 pcs

Number of manipulators

1 pcs

Number of delivery windows

2 pcs

Storage volume


Storage capacity, t


Cassette capacity

500 t

Number of cassettes

116 pcs

Cassette inner  dimensions  


Cassette loading height  

500 mm

Manipulator cross-beam lifting/lowering speed

15.5 m/min

Manipulator travel longitudinal speed

72 m/min

Cross-beam extractor extension speed

13.4 m/min

Power consumption


Overall dimensions of the storage system

19120×3240×8000(H) mm


 * - Automated storage systems are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of a certain customer, his product range and production conditions.