Railway wheelset coating line

Railway wheelset coating line Railway wheelset coating line

The line is designed to perform inspection, degreasing, washing, application of operational coating, drying and quality control of wheelsets coating.

The technology of preparation, painting and drying of wheelsets includes the following technological operations:

  • degreasing;

  • washing;

  • drying by air blowing;

  • painting by spraying;

  • drying with hot air;

  • cooling in the settling chamber.



Work schedule of the line

two shifts; continuous mode; 24h mode;


Overall dimensions of wheelsets:

- track width, mm


- tread diameter of the wheel, mm


- min. wheel diameter, mm


maximum length of wheelset, mm



Installed power, kW



Pressurised air

- pressure, bar


- consumption, m3/min. 



Circulating water


Painting booth 

Air consumption, m3/h   


Air change rate


Number of filter units, pcs.



Line dimensions:


Equipment description

Transfer system

The transfer system of the line provides for smooth installation of wheelsets on roller supports, which ensures the rotation of wheelsets in the process of preparing the surface of the wheelset for coating, as well as the sequential movement of the wheelset from the initial position of loading the line into the antechamber.

Degreasing booth

To degrease the surfaces of the axles of wheelsets and the ends of the wheel hubs on the outside, a solution is used that provides high quality washing of various contaminants (preservation oil, lubricants, mechanical particles, lubricating-cooling fluids, etc.) and does not violate the quality of the coating of the surfaces of previously painted wheelsets. The working temperature of the solution ensures complete removal of contaminants during processing within 1-2 minutes. The wheel pair rotates during the degreasing process and has access to remove grease in hard-to-reach places (before the start of the treatment cycle). There is a reverse cycle for applying the solution with a cleaning (filtration) system. Containers for use and preparation of the degreasing solution are not exposed to corrosive destruction. The supply of solutions to the spray nozzles, maintaining the set levels of water and solutions in the baths, their replenishment, protection of the operation of pumping units from dry start-up, overflow of water levels is ensured by the operation of a system of sensors for monitoring levels, temperatures, thermostatic valves, safety valves and a control panel based on a SIEMENS LOGO logic module.

Drying booth (after washing)

Drying the surface of the wheelset after washing is performed manually with an airstream. The wheelset rotates during the drying process. The wheelset can be removed from the site by an overhead crane and transferred again to the surface preparation cycle if during the inspection any shortcomings in the surface preparation of the wheelset were detected.

Painting booth

The wheelsets are spray painted in an isolated chamber with a filtration system and a supply-extract device at a temperature of 20°C. The application of the process coating is carried out manually with the help of sprayers by the process personnel only. The wheel pair rotates about its axis during painting. The rotation of the wheelset on the rollers can be regulated at a frequency of 7 to 10 rpm. On the equipment of the painting line, it is possible to paint wheelsets with two-layer coatings, even those of two-component composition.

Drying booth

The movement of the painted wheelset to the drying position is carried out mechanically, smoothly, without shock, in order to exclude the possibility of fresh paint streaks on the painted surfaces.
The drying chamber accommodates 3 wheelsets. The applied process coating on the wheelset is subjected to intense action of hot air at a temperature of 60-80°C (depending on the type of paint), which guarantees a uniform coating and accelerates the polymerization of the paint.
The wheel pair rotates about its axis during drying. The drying temperature is maintained within the specified range and is adjustable. The drying chamber is equipped with a gas analyzer to control the allowable concentration of flammable substances.

Line control system

The line for applying the process coating on wheelsets is equipped with a common control system, and all units are equipped with control panels for performing work in the adjustment mode.
The line is equipped with equipment and interlocks that prevent unauthorized start-up of mechanisms, which can lead to equipment breakdowns or injury to operating personnel.
The hot air dryer control system has temperature settings, depending on the type of coating.